Black Queen Theatre: Trip Advisor Reviews

trip advisorThe award-winning Black Queen Theatre receives rave reviews from everyone who’s had the pleasure of visiting, and is rated as one of the most memorable places to visit in NSW. Some of our favourite Trip Advisor reviews (click here to go to Trip advisor page) are below:-
“A lifetime of experience for a few becomes an experience of a lifetime for many. This attraction should be given top priority by anyone visiting Lightning Ridge.”
- Neville P, Melbourne
“We thought we were going to see a house of bottles and a few lamps. What we got was a 3 act play which we talked and talked about. A must-see in Lightning Ridge.”
- Viv Y, Melbourne
“The performance is unlike any I have seen before and we were delightfully surprised. Loved it!”
- SpainAustralia, Australia
“I found the Black Queen captivating. Soul and thought provoking with a little mystique and creativity thrown in the mix as well. Still thinking about it 2 weeks later.”
 - Liz J, Drouin
“Reluctantly I went along with my wife not expecting what was to be a totally enthralling experience. Gale captivated the audience - and me - with her stories and amazing lanterns.”
- Smik765, Forster
“So much more than anything you expected. This is the number one experience at Lightning Ridge. Gale’s show goes far beyond the boundaries of one place. She has the talent and ability to transport you to other worlds.”
- yogagran, Melbourne
“Gale and Roger have created a beautiful and magical experience that was a real highlight of our trip to Ridge. Gale gives her all every night playing dual roles in a one-woman play about the pioneering woman who hand-built their fabulous house of light. A moving, inspirational and enlightening evening.”
- Samantha A, Sydney
“We went to Lightning Ridge in hope of finding an elusive opal - instead we found this gem. The amazing lamps bring more than a ray of light to the room, they light up history and our hearts. ‘Legacy’ is intriguing and inspirational.”
- Robyn D, Sydney
“Recommended for: 
  • Lovers of stories - Gale is an animated, talented and passionate storyteller who connects with each member of her audience

  • Lovers of theatre - three acts, three rooms, three different experiences
* Lovers of Australian heritage - the story of Joan and her Black Queen is memorable and inspiring

  • Lovers of history - the stories of the lanterns stretch back thousands of years, and this is a very "hands on" experience

  • Dreamers of all ages - truly inspirational!

  • Would-be builders, engineers, architects, interior designers.
Truly inspiring!”
- Karen B, Brisbane