An Amazing True Story

gale rogerWhen Gale and Roger Collins met in San Francisco in 1985, it was love at first sight. They both came from successful corporate backgrounds so they certainly didn’t expect to build their future together on the other side of the world in a house made from bottles!

But destiny stepped in... Gale and Roger travelled to Lightning Ridge together in 2004 and immediately fell passionately in love with the Black Queen
When Gale met the lady who built the house - breast cancer survivor Joan Andrews – little did she know that one day she too would become a breast cancer survivor and add a new chapter to an inspiring true story...

Daily Storytelling Performancesgale

That amazing true story is brought to life in exquisite detail through the daily performance of ‘Legacy & Light’.
Gale is a talented actress and a gifted storyteller. Her optimistic spirit was nurtured by a wise and independent grandmother from an early age and she has always been drawn to stories of triumph over adversity.
In ‘Legacy & Light’ Gale shares the inspiring true story of the synchronicities that led her to Australia and how the Black Queen spoke to her in dreams for more than 40 years before she actually stepped over the threshold! This performance will blow your mind...

And the Story Continues...

On the day they bought the Black Queen, Gale and Roger were delighted with the news that their daughter Jill was pregnant after 9 years of IVF.
Since the day their granddaughter Georgia was born, she has had a strong connection with Gale and Lightning Ridge. 
Georgia’s dream is to become the Black Queen herself one day and continue this magical story. You can follow her journey in a series of children’s books called ‘Georgia Potter Adventures’ which are on sale in the shop.