Legacy & Light – An Unforgettable Performance in Lightning Ridge, NSW


“There is no need to describe ‘Legacy’ in detail as part of the enjoyment is to discover it for yourself as it unfolds. It is like a great novel that somebody has given to you as a 'must read' without telling you what it is about. Then you open it up and cannot put it down.”
- Ken B, Coff’s Harbour
Reviewed on Trip Advisor (Link: here) as ‘a truly empowering experience’, Legacy & Light will thrill you with its rich simplicity.
  • A house built with 14,000 coloured bottles...
  • Enchanting stories around the fire...
  • A priceless collection of antique lamps...
  • One truly enlightening experience...
The multi-award winning Black Queen Theatre weaves drama, intertwining stories and vivid history around a handcrafted theatre of light.
‘Legacy & Light’ is an inspiring 3-act performance which will fill you with such hope and wonder, you’ll be talking about it for years to come.
Hold a 4,500 year-old oil lamp in your hands and learn about one brave woman’s pioneering act of healing and self-expression as she built the house of her dreams.

Theatre tickets sell out super-fast, so booking is essential.

Scheduled opening times and prices:

  • Performances begin at 5pm daily.
  • Adults: $35.00
  • Family: $100.00

Other times by appointment. Coaches are more than welcome.


Australian Actor Gale Collins could ‘light up Australia’

Gale Collins is a natural-born storyteller and when she performs, a tangible bond of trust develops between her and her audience because of her passion for this amazing true story.
As well as the story itself, ‘Legacy’ brings to life the history of light, showcasing one of the world’s most outstanding private collections of antique lamps, with pieces owned by Presidents, Kings and Czars. Dazzlingly lit by real lamp oil, the lamps are breathtakingly beautiful.